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Three day in-depth tour of sky island in the highlands of Scotland(trip code:OTI-D3-1

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Pick-up point
Glasgow: 10:00am in front of the Bank of China, Glasgow [450 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow G2 3JD (Bank of China)]

Edinburgh: 8:40am in front of the main entrance to Edinburgh Castle (Castlehill, Edinburgh, Midlothian EH1 2NG)

Special Note: Trolley bus tours can only depart from Edinburgh.

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1、Transportation: Omega's exclusive travel fleet, provides nearly 100 various luxury tour buses(8-57 seets Mercedes Benz/Scania).

2、Hotel: 2 nights 3-star characteristic highland hotel. Standard double room, triple room and family room.

3、Breakfast: exquisite hotel buffet breakfast (traditional English breakfast: including eggs, sausage, tomato sauce soy beans, toast, cereals, yogurt, coffee, tea, fruit juice, etc.).

4、Tour guides: exclusive elite guide team, 5-star top senior tour guide, professional and wonderful interaction.

5、Driver: full-time professional bus driver, safe and secure driving.

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1、Tickets for attractions: The above itinerary is free of any disguised shopping or compulsory sightseeing, please choose to buy tickets for your favorite attractions.

2、Tip: (standard-- £3 per person per day ), in the United Kingdom and Europe, it is a common practice to pay the tip after consumption and service . Your driver and guide will put a lot of effort to your daily schedule and journey safety, we hope you can cooperate with us in the group. 

3、Single room supplement: £70 per person (If you require a single room, you need to pay the single room supplement, which should be purchased for the whole trip).

4、Travel insurance: we strongly recommend the guests to buy travel insurance to protect the individual travel process in the event of illness, financial loss and other unexpected circumstances, in case they can claim to the insurance company.

5、Lunch and dinner: Our tour guide will recommend delicious local restaurants, but also introduce you to affordable and efficient fast food restaurants. You can choose your own lunch and dinner consumption in the course of the trip.

6、Other consumption: visa, airline tickets, hairdressing, TV and other expenses are not included in the "expenses included".

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Scottish Highlands & Scenic Route A82 - Luss Town (Loch Lomond) - Grand Canyon - Three Sisters - Loch Ness - Highland Tramway (optional) - Glenfinnan Viaduct

Scottish Highlands
There is a large fault on the Scottish landscape, and the area to the west and north of the large fault is high. The Highlands are sparsely populated, different from England, where the scenery is mostly idyllic and soft, the Scottish Highlands are cool and rugged, mostly hills, glens and lochs. The entire Highland area is large, almost half the size of the whole of Scotland. The famous islands of the sky, Loch Ness, Ben Nevis - the highest peak in Britain, and Glencoe Gorge all belong to this area.

Europe"s most beautiful scenic road, the A82
Some tourists describe the A82 as the most beautiful scenic road in the world, it"s no exaggeration to call it the most beautiful scenic road in Europe. It was the setting for the film "SKYFALL", and from the western shore of Loch Lomond, you"ll travel north on the A82 as you make your way through the cool highland mountains. From the western shore of Loch Lomond you head north on the A82, gradually penetrating into the cool highland mountains. Here you will find ravines and gullies, often with glacier-cut bays or lakes. The weather in the highlands is unpredictable, with dark clouds covering the low peaks and moisture from the Atlantic Ocean pouring from the tops of the peaks in torrents of water. There are few tall trees on either side of the A82 due to the constant low temperatures and the erosion of the water. However, after a sharp bend at Loch Tulla, a large patch of dense woodland appears on the left - the property of the family of Ian Fleming, the original author of James Bond.

Loch Lomond
Loch Lomond is Scotland"s largest loch in the UK, located in the Trossachs National Park in the southern Scottish Highlands, 27 kilometres northwest of Glasgow. The town of Luss is located on the western shore of Loch Lomond, with more than 20 families. The stone houses that have remained unchanged since the 18th century, visitors come and go, but the town is frozen in time by the loch.

Glencoe Canyon & Three Sisters Mountain
Glencoe Gorge and the Three Sisters Mountains make up the A82, Britain"s most beautiful highway, and the chase scene in Skyfall was filmed on the A82 next to the Highlands. The hills and fields of the highlands are full of romantic, rugged and solitary natural beauty, epic in its grandeur. The waters of the Highlands are so rich and clean that you"ll be jealous, and Britain"s highest peak, the Ben Nevis, is covered in clouds and mist.

Loch Ness
The mysterious Loch Ness, Britain"s third largest freshwater lake, is famous for its myriad of snake-necked, dragon-like monster sightings. Especially since the opening of the Loch Ness Coastal Road, more reports of alleged Loch Ness monster sightings have emerged. As for the possibility of the monster"s existence, it may be a long-extinct snake necked dragon living out its remaining days alone. With an average depth of more than 200 metres and a maximum depth of more than 300 metres, Loch Ness is said to be deep enough to stay frozen all year round in the frigid Scottish Highlands.

Glenfinnan Viaduct
The scene in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets where the Hogwarts Express and the flying blue Ford crosses the Western Highlands and flies over the Glenfinnan Viaduct was filmed at the viaduct and is a classic postcard scene. If you"re lucky, you can also see the classic scene of the steam train passing over the viaduct. Nearby is the beautiful Loch Shiel.

Highland cable car (Nevis range)
The "Nevis range", a famous outdoor sports base in Scotland, offers an optional "360° Highland cable car" with a high altitude view of the scenery of the Highlands, and enjoy an extraordinary experience in the deep valley. (This is optional, winter, high winds and bad weather will not be arranged)

Ticket price reference: Adults £19.50 Children £11.50

  • Breakfast:self-catered
  • Lunch:self-catered
  • Dinner:self-catered
  • Transportation:Luxury Coach
  • Hotel: Three star Holiday Inn or similar comfort hotel

Isle of Skye, full day tour

After breakfast, cross the Skye Bridge, the only bridge that connects with the Scottish island, to the most beautiful island in the UK - Isle of Skye.

Isle of Skye
Isle of Skye means "Island in the Mist", and the island is covered by clouds and fog for a long time, so it is also called "the hidden island in the sky", which is known as the wonderland at the end of the world. At the junction of the sea and the sky, in the midst of the smoky rain, the sea and the sky are all in one color, and it is hard to distinguish the boundary between the sea and the sky. The beauty of Sky Island is not only because of its natural and mysterious scenery, but also because of its unique history and culture, which touches people"s souls. The island is isolated from the land and is the best-preserved part of Gaelic culture.

Eileen Donna Castle (exterior)
Eilean Donan Castle is widely regarded as the most romantic castle in Scotland. The castle is built at the confluence of three lochs of the sea, surrounded by magnificent scenery, seemingly lonely and cool. The peaceful waters of the loch and the ancient castle form a picturesque landscape that will put you right in the middle of it. Wildlife is abundant here and you will be lucky to see many protected and treasured animals such as elk and mountain cows.

Kyle of Lochalsh 
Kyle of lochalsh is a gateway hamlet to the Sky Island, where the bridge to the middle of the island can be viewed from a distance. The Scottish Railway reaches its westernmost terminus here, and the railway station, which is surrounded by the sea on three sides, is a unique feature.

ticket prices: the Sky Island Glass Cruise (suspended in winter): £15 per person.

The capital of Sky Island, a small, quiet, ancient seaside town away from the hustle and bustle of the world, the rows of small colorful houses in the town of Portree are considered a local landmark, appearing in many postcards and photographs. Seemingly without any reason, a row of ordinary houses in the middle of the sudden emergence of several small pink houses, pink, blue, green, pink and yellow, against the blue sky, white clouds, blue sea, green mountains, attracting countless tourists.

Old Man"s Rock.
Through the graceful Lake Storr, we can see a boulder rising from the rocks, like an old man overlooking the island, also like a guardian defending the island.

Klit Rock Cliffs & Lealt Falls
This skirt-like looking rock is one of Scotland"s postcard-worthy sights. It gets its name from the fact that the cliffs and crags there look like the folds of a Scottish kilt. Walking to the edge of the cliff, a small but very fast waterfall can be seen, the water rapidly out of the cliff, directly into the sea 200 feet below, with a loud crash, this is the famous Lealt Falls.
  • Breakfast:included
  • Lunch:self-catered
  • Dinner:self-catered
  • Transportation:Luxury Coach
  • Hotel: Three star Holiday Inn or similar comfort hotel

Pitlochry - St. Andrews - Forth Bridge - return to departure point

Pitlochry is known as a fairy tale town by the Scots, it is a famous tourist destination in the Southern Highlands. The town gives people a clean and leisurely feeling, exuding a strong Scottish atmosphere, with ancient Victorian buildings lining both sides of the street and exquisite small shops, all of which seem to tell visitors that this is a must-see destination to experience the local customs of Scotland. Pitlochry Dam and Salmon Steps (Scottish Hydro Electric Visitor Centre) With luck you can watch salmon cascading downstream over the upper reaches of the dam through a large glass window in one of the observation halls, fun to watch.

St Andrews (the place where Princess Kate and Prince William fell in love)
St. Andrews, the town where Prince William and Princess Kate met, is also the birthplace of golf, with the oldest golf course and the oldest tournament in the world at 600 years old. The University of St. Andrews is the oldest public university in Scotland and the third oldest in the English-speaking world. It was Prince William"s university of choice and it is where he met and fell in love with Princess Kate. St. Andrew"s Cathedral was once regarded as the greatest building in medieval Scotland, and the cemetery was once reserved for the nobility, with the oldest said to be over 600 years old.

Forth Bridge
The Forth Bridge, the world"s first steel bridge, was approved for inscription on the World Heritage List in 2015. The Forth Bridge is 2.5 km long and was designed by John Frawer and Benjamin Baker. Using cantilevered steel girders to support two spans of forty-six metres each, 58,000 tonnes of steel was used, so the bridge is spectacular from the outside. The two bridges use one suspension, one bracket, and the bracket as the main body of the railway bridge is attached to the arch as a support.

  • Breakfast:included
  • Lunch:self-catered
  • Dinner:self-catered
  • Transportation:Luxury Coach
  • Hotel: N/A

Visa Notice

Visa Information

1、Guests holding British visa or British passport of visa-free countries can participate in the England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland tour.

2、With a short-term British visa, you can enjoy the Irish tour without a visa; with a long-term British visa, such as students and workers need to apply for an Irish visa to enjoy the Irish tour.

3、On the day of departure, bring valid documents with photos to join the tour, such as: passport, driver's license, student card, etc.

UK Visas and Immigration website:
Visa Centre website:


ities/attractions to visit

Loch Lomond, Three Sisters, Grand Canyon, Fort William, Loch Ness, Sky Island, Pitlochry, St. Andrews, etc.

Registration Process

Online booking→Online payment→Confirm order (within 1 working day)→Guide information (3 days before departure, send via email) →Enjoy the trip

Payment method

Online payment: support GBP, EUR and RMB payment.

Pay by phone: Some dual currency credit cards in China can't be filled in due to the Chinese billing address, you can make payment by phone.

Bank Transfer: Please fill in the online application form first, then call 01908 259988 to get the account number of Omega for bank counter or online transfer (please use instant payment).

Registration Notes

1. The dates listed on the website are all confirmed to departure, please pay the full amount to register, subject to the number of places, system will confirm whether your registration is successful by the sequence of complete payment. Please do not book the transportation or hotel before you receive the confirmation letter, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble and loss when the tour is full.

2. Please note that the tour may change buses or guides in the course of the tour due to cross-country changes of routes, travel to specific scenic spots (such as Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands, etc.), or the expiration of the tour guide's working hours.

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Three day in-depth tour of sky island in the highlands of Scotland

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Three day in-depth tour of sky island in the highlands of Scotland

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