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Scotland + England classic 4-day tour(trip code:OTI-D4

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Lake District, Scottish Highlands, Edinburgh, York

Booking Process

Online booking→Online payment→Confirm order (within 1 working day)→Guide information (3 days before departure)→Happy trip

Payment method

Online Payment: Support GBP, EUR, RMB payment.

Bank Transfer: Please make sure to fill in the online application form first, then call us to get the account number and make the payment over the counter or online (please try to pay by instant payment).

Registration Notice

You must pay the full amount of registration, subject to the number of places, whether your registration is successful will determined by the order of complete payment. Please do not book the transportation or hotel before you receive the confirmation letter to avoid unnecessary trouble and loss when the tour is full.

Recommended transportation and hotels

Long-distance bus reservations and price.

Train ticket bookings and price.
Gathering place.

London 8:00 am Park Royal Station (Park Royal Station underground station exit)

Birmingham 10:00am WHSmith shop, Birmingham International Railway Station (BHI) Entrance to the WHSmith shop next to the Birmingham Airport train station exit (note the airport train station exit, not the airport terminal exit)

Return location.

London approx. 18:00 p.m. Park Royal Station (Park Royal Station tube station exit)

(Please note that Birmingham guests who choose to get off the bus will not be able to join the Cambridge tour)

If you need to book the return train or bus ticket, we recommend you to leave at least 1 hour transfer time to avoid traffic jams or unexpected delay and delay your trip.

Warm Tips.

The final pick-up route is arranged according to the data of pick-up and drop-off points of customers. Please do not change the pick-up and drop-off points on your own to avoid unnecessary loss and trouble.

Price includes

1、Transportation: Omega's exclusive travel fleet provides dozens of various types of luxury tourist buses (17 to 63 seets). If the number of travelers is small, it will be adjusted to 5 to 17-seat, driver and guide business small groups.

2、Accommodation: 3-star hotel, standard double room and triple room.

3、Breakfast: the hotel provides exquisite English buffet breakfast.

4、Guides: Senior tour leader

5. Drivers: full-time drivers

Price does not include

1、Sightseeing tickets: This tour is a semi-autonomous tour group, without any disguised shopping or compulsory sightseeing, please choose to buy the sightseeing tickets independently.

2. Tipping for the tour guide: (standard £3 per person per day)

3、Single Room Supplyments: £90 per person (If you require a single room, you need to pay for the single room difference, which should be purchased for the whole tour).

4、Travel insurance: we highly recommend that the guests purchase travel insurance to protect the individual travel process, such as illness, financial loss and other unexpected circumstances, to claim compensation from the insurance company.

5、Lunch and dinner.

6、Other consumption: laundry, hairdressing, paid Internet, television, and other expenses not included in the "price included".

Ticketing Services

Omega can purchase tickets for the following attractions, if you want to buy tickets, please fill in the registration form (tickets purchased through Omega are all adult tickets).

Lakeland Cruise £7 per person, £8.10 purchased on site.

Loch Ness Boat Cruise tickets £11 per person, £14.50 on site
tourism agreement

Date Change.

30 days or more prior to tour departure: Free of charge to change the tour date once (each order can only be rescheduled once, further rescheduling will be subject to normal terms and conditions.

A fee of £25 per person will be charged for changes made more than 8 days before departure.

No changes can be made within 7 days (inclusive).


A fee of £25 per person for cancellations made more than 8 days before departure.

A fee of £50 per person will be charged for cancellation 7-4 days (inclusive) before departure.

No refunds will be given for cancellations of 3 days or less.

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trip protocol

departures from various locations → Old Trafford (Manchester United's home stadium) → Lake District → Windermere Town → Peter Rabbit Fairytale House

mall, boutique groups of as few as 4 people can be confirmed 3-7 days before departure at the latest, you can contact customer service to confirm before payment.

Old Trafford Stadium
Understanding Britain begins with football, Manchester United is the most famous club in Britain, over the decades, the team nicknamed "Red Devils" has created numerous honors and football legends, is the classic representative of British football clubs. As the home of Manchester United, Old Trafford has also become a holy ground for many fans.

Lake District
The Lake District is known as the most beautiful corner of England, the home of the English people"s soul, and the natural beauty of the Lake District has captivated countless romantic poets. Lake Windermere is the largest of these natural lakes, measuring 16.9km long and 1.6km wide at its widest point, with a depth of 67m and rising 40m above sea level. There are 18 islands on the lake, the largest of which is privately owned. Lake Windermere is an ideal habitat, through which flocks of geese can often be seen migrating in winter. Visitors can take a boat trip and enjoy the wonderful scenery as they travel east to west. You can also take a stroll along the trails that surround the lake to enjoy a comfortable lakeside experience.

Ancillary items and ticket prices reference.

【Tickets for Lake Cruise】 £7 per ticket (only available for purchase with a group, £8.1 on site) (Prices will be adjusted due to seasonal changes without notice).

Windermere is a famous town in the Lake District, the town is located next to Lake Windermere and is surrounded by beautiful scenery with the lake and mountains mirroring each other, making it a must visit for visitors to the Lake District. The streets are lined with unique shops, such as family hotels, cafes and grocery stores. Relax, slow down and experience a leisurely life on the lake.

Peter Rabbit Museum
It"s been over 100 years since Peter Rabbit was born. It was the famous Miss Potter, Beatrix Potter, who really brought it to life. Miss Potter"s beloved English Lake District has become a pilgrimage destination for Peter Rabbit fans around the world. Nowadays, Peter Rabbit can be seen everywhere in the Lake District. In souvenir shops, bookshops and even on the bus. 23 stories about Peter Rabbit have been brought to life in three dimensions. Here, you can see the stories, hear the conversations and even smell them.

If time permits, visitors have the option of purchasing a ticket to enter the tour.

Ancillary items and ticket price reference.

Peter Rabbit Museum: £8/adult, £4/child (admission prices are subject to change without notice due to seasonal changes).
  • Breakfast:self-catered
  • Lunch:self-catered
  • Dinner:self-catered
  • Transportation:Luxury Coach
  • Hotel: Three star Holiday Inn or similar comfort hotel

departures from hotel → Highland & A82 → Loch Lomond → Glencoe Gorge & Three Sisters Mountain → Ben Nevis Mountain → Fort William → Loch Ness After breakfast, drive north into the open and beautiful Scottish Highlands.

Loch Lomond 
Loch Lomond is Scotland"s largest loch in the UK, located in the Trossachs National Park in the southern Scottish Highlands, 27 kilometres northwest of Glasgow. The town of Luss is located on the western shore of Loch Lomond, with more than 20 families, the stone houses have remained unchanged since the 18th century, visitors come and go, but the town is frozen in time by the loch.

Glencoe Canyon & Three Sisters Mountain
Glencoe Gorge and the Three Sisters Mountains make up the A82, Britain"s most beautiful highway, and the chase scene in Skyfall was filmed on the A82 next to the Highlands. The hills and fields of the highlands are full of romantic, rugged and solitary natural beauty, epic in its grandeur. The Highlands" currents are so rich and clean you"ll be jealous, and Britain"s highest peak, the Ben Nevis, is covered in clouds.

Ben Nevis Mountain
Ben Nevis is the highest peak in the British Isles of Great Britain, at 1,343 metres above sea level at the north-eastern end of the Bay of Lorne in western Scotland. The summit is covered with snow all year round, and along the way you can enjoy the unique beauty of the Scottish Highlands lochs and mountains.

Fort William
Situated on the border between the Highlands and the Lowlands, Fort William is a major town on the Scottish Highland Tourist Route. The town has a population of around 10,000 but is the largest town in Scotland after Inverness. Fort William is a quiet and peaceful town with beautiful scenery: with its backdrop of Scotland"s highest peak, the Ben Nevis, and its close proximity to the Great Glen of Nevis, it is the perfect place to experience nature, with its mountains, water, trees, flowers and birds. One of the best ski resorts in Scotland, Ben Nevis is a paradise for skiers and mountain bikers, and the nearby forest attracts many mountain bikers.

Loch Ness
Although the largest freshwater lake in the UK, Loch Ness appears more as a phrase than a name, as the "Loch Ness Monster", famous for its myriad sightings of the snake-necked, dragon-like creature. Loch Ness is a cold climate in the Scottish Highlands, but it is not frozen all year round, and the only contact with the outside world is the River Ness.

Ancillary items and ticket prices refer to.
Loch Ness Cruise Tickets] £11 per ticket (only available for purchase with a group, £14.50) (Tickets are subject to price adjustment due to seasonal changes without prior notice.)
  • Breakfast:included
  • Lunch:self-catered
  • Dinner:self-catered
  • Transportation:Luxury Coach
  • Hotel: Three star Holiday Inn or similar comfort hotel

Edinburgh city tour → Alnwick Castle (Harry Potter filming location) → York → Manchester

After breakfast, depart for the first stop in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland.

We visit Edinburgh, the political and cultural centre of Scotland, which is one of the most beautiful cities in the UK. Castles, palaces, wine and music surround the city, giving Edinburgh a unique charm. Edinburgh Castle, at the top of the hill, is one of the most famous castles in Europe and is the symbol and spiritual backbone of the entire city. The stately castle is a testament to too many English and Scottish feuds.
Ancillary items and ticket prices reference.
Edinburgh Castle: £16.50 per person: children (5-15): £9.90; seniors (60+): £13.20; (tickets are subject to seasonal price changes without notice)

Royal Mile Road
The Royal Mile is the central thoroughfare of Edinburgh"s Old Town, starting at Edinburgh Castle and ending at the Palace of the Holy Cross, with a series of lanes that form the backbone of the Old Town. The circular stone floors are polished and the buildings along the avenue are austere and historic. Every afternoon, bagpipers are played by street performers in kilt dresses, which is a constant reminder that you are in the heart of Scotland"s ancient past.

Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle is one of the oldest castles in England. It was built as a military fortress as early as the 6th century and served as the administrative centre of Scotland as a royal castle. There is an old Scottish poem about the king and his knights gathering in the halls of Edinburgh for a drink, which is said to be one of the sources of the story of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Edinburgh Castle is the heart of Scotland"s national history. The castle displays the Scottish Crown, which is the oldest crown in Europe. There"s also the famous Stone of Destiny, on which the ancient Scottish kings sat for their coronations.
Ancillary items and ticket price reference.
Edinburgh Castle: £16.50 per person: children (5-15): £9.90; seniors (60+): £13.20 (tickets are subject to seasonal price changes without notice)

Alnwick Castle
Alnwick Castle, the filming location of the movie Harry Potter. In recent years, Alnwick Castle has frequently appeared in movies and TV shows, such as Queen Elizabeth, Robin Hood, Harry Potter, etc. Especially in the movie Harry Potter, the exterior and main scenes of the magic school in the movie all come from Alnwick Castle. With the successful release of the movie Harry Potter in the world, tens of thousands of Harry fans have come here to make a pilgrimage and learn magic, and Alnwick Castle has turned into a hot magic castle.
Please note: Alnwick Castle, where the movie Harry Potter was filmed, is closed in winter and will be visited in the outer garden.
Optional items and ticket prices refer to.
Tickets to Alnwick Castle are £14 per person (prices are subject to change due to seasonal changes without notice)

York Cathedral
York Cathedral is the largest surviving medieval period church in Europe and one of the most superbly designed and built churches in the world. Construction began in 1220 A.D. and was completed in 1470 A.D. It took more than two hundred years to build. The church, built mainly of stone, is magnificent and beautifully crafted, and has remained solid and upright for hundreds of years. The tower at the top of the church, like a sword piercing the sky, gives people a sense of historical depth and solemnity, especially the carvings that make people marvel.

York Old Wall
It is the best preserved and longest medieval wall in Britain, similar to the feeling of the Great Wall of Britain, with a total length of 3.4 kilometers, almost surrounding the whole city center of York.

  • Breakfast:included
  • Lunch:self-catered
  • Dinner:self-catered
  • Transportation:Luxury Coach
  • Hotel: Three star Holiday Inn or similar comfort hotel

departure from hotel → Cambridge → London

Cambridge University
The University of Cambridge was founded in 1209 by a group of scholars fleeing from Oxford University to escape a brawl. King Henry III granted Cambridge a teaching monopoly in 1231. The University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford are two of the finest universities in England and are collectively known as "Oxbridge". It is one of the top ten universities in the world, and 81 Nobel Prize winners have come from this university. Oxbridge is one of the top ten universities in the world, 81 Nobel laureates came from here.
Ancillary items and ticket price reference.
Sword River Rafting £18 per person (ticket prices subject to change due to seasonal changes without notice)

St. Mary"s Church
St Mary"s Church is located opposite King"s College, in the heart of Cambridge"s university town, where degrees were awarded to Cambridge graduates until the 18th century. It"s worth mentioning the panoramic view of King"s College as you walk up the winding, narrow medieval staircase to the top of the tower.

Bridge of Sighs
The Bridge of Sighs is located in St. John"s College. Built in 1831, it was modeled after the Bridge of Sighs in Venice, Italy. The bridge was named after the students who used to sigh when they crossed it, as it was the beginning of the exam season and they were worried about their results.

King"s College
King"s College, one of the most famous colleges within the University of Cambridge, was founded in 1441 by King Henry VI of England, hence the name "King"s" College. The most famous of the buildings is the College Chapel, whose soaring steeples and grand Gothic architecture have become a symbol of the town"s glory.
Ancillary items and ticket price references.
King"s College, Cambridge £7.50 per person (ticket prices are subject to change without notice due to seasonal changes).

Queen"s College
Queen"s College is situated on the south side of King"s College and was founded in 1448 by Queen Margaret, Queen of Henry IV, and Queen Woodville, Queen of Edward IV, in 1465, hence the "Queens" in the College"s name, which refers to both Queens. Queen"s College spans the River Cambridge and is linked by the world-famous "Mathematical Bridge", while the lush Queen"s Gardens on the west side of the river are one of the most beautiful views in Cambridge. Tower and the Old Chapel (OldHall) among others.
Ancillary items and ticket prices reference.
Queen"s College Cambridge £3 per person (ticket prices are subject to change without notice due to seasonal changes).

At approximately 18:00 pm, return to London Russell Square Station (Russell Square Underground Station, near the British Museum) to end the tour (note: start and end are not at the same underground station)
  • Breakfast:included
  • Lunch:self-catered
  • Dinner:self-catered
  • Transportation:Luxury Coach
  • Hotel: N/A

Visa Notice

Visa Information

1、Guests holding British visa or British passport of visa-free countries can participate in the England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland tour.

2、With a short-term British tourist visa, you can join the Irish tour without a visa; long-term British visa, such as students and workers need to apply for an Irish visa to join the Irish tour.

3、On the day of the tour, bring valid documents with a photo to participate in the tour, such as: passport, driver's license, student card.


UK Visas and Immigration website:

Visa Centre website:


Scotland + England classic 4-day tour

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Scotland + England classic 4-day tour

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