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Three day tour of Eden + Bath Stonehenge(trip code:OTI-D3-3

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Stonehenge, Torquay, Plymouth, Cornwall's Ends of the Earth, Eden, Bristol, Welsh capital Cardiff, Bath, Cotswolds Most Beautiful Village Group, Bourton on the Water

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Please note that during the tour, we may change buses or guides in the course of the tour due to cross-country changes of routes, access to specific scenic spots (e.g. Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands, etc.) or the expiration of the tour director's working hours.

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London: 8:00am Russell Square tube station exit
(London Russell Square Station, Bernard St, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 1LJ)

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London: approx. 19:00 London Russell Square Station, Bernard St, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 1LJ

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2、Guide: Senior leader

3. Drivers: full-time drivers

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1. Sightseeing tickets: This tour is a semi-autonomous tour group, without any disguised shopping or compulsory sightseeing, please choose to buy the sightseeing tickets independently.

2. Tips for tour guide: Standard £3 per person per day.

3. Single room supplement: £60 per person (limited to guests who do not wish to share a room and require a single room to pay for the single room difference, which must be purchased for the whole tour). Due to limited room types, one of the guests may be required to share a room with a guest of the same gender if the hotel is unable to provide a family room or triple room.

4. Travel insurance: We recommend that the guests must buy travel insurance to protect the individual travel process, such as illness, financial loss and other accidents, claim to the insurance company.

5. lunch, dinner: in the course of the tour, our guide will recommend to you authentic and delicious local restaurants, will also introduce you to affordable and efficient fast food restaurants, dining consumption independent choice, rich and simple by individuals.

6. Other consumption: laundry, hairdressing, paid Internet, television, and other costs are not included in "price includes".

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Withdrawal: A withdrawal fee of £25 per person will be charged 8 days or more before departure; £50 per person will be charged 7-4 days (including 7 days) before departure; no refunds will be made if the tour is cancelled 3 days or less.

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trip protocol

London → Stonehenge → Bath → Ancient Roman Baths → Sally Lunn's → Royal Crescent → Bath Avon River → Pulteney Bridge

This is a small group with a minimum of 4 people and can be confirmed at least 3-7 days before departure, please contact customer service for confirmation before payment.

The group will depart from Russell Square MRT station at 8:00am to Stonehenge, the first stop on the tour.

Prehistoric Stonehenge
In the southeast of Bath, England on the Salisbury (Salisbury) plain, a large number of circular rocks standing in the middle of the spreading wilderness, this is the British Isles most famous and most mysterious prehistoric relics - Stonehenge. In 1130 A.D., an English priest stumbled upon Stonehenge when he was out, and the average weight of these imposing boulders was nearly 30 tons, and their arrangement and specific use is still a mystery to this day.
Stonehenge: adults: £24.10 (with commentary); children: £14.10; seniors and students £21 (admission prices are subject to change without notice due to seasonal changes, and the main focus is on the exterior when the attraction is closed on dates such as the Christmas and Summer Solstice).

The Roman Baths
Bath, which means "bath" in English, is also known as "the city of springs" because of the abundance of natural hot springs in the area. Ancient Romans were fond of bathing in the hot springs, believing in their "magical powers," and they became a formal partying activity for the high society of the time. During the Middle Ages, when the Romans invaded the area, the hot springs developed, and a large old bathhouse still exists in the center of the city, which was dug in those days.
Ancillary items and ticket prices reference.
Roman Baths of Bath (weekdays/weekends): adult price: £18/£20; seniors over 65: £16.50/£18.50; children (6-16 years): £10.50/£12.50 (tickets are subject to seasonal price changes without notice)

Sally Lunn"s
A visit to the English town of Bath would be as incomplete without a cup of tea in Sally Lunn"s as it would be without a visit to Betty"s Tea House in York. The building that Sally Lunn"s House is in was built in 1482 and is one of the oldest buildings in Bath.

Bath Abbey.
Also known as "Bath Cathedral", Bath Cathedral in the city centre was built in the 8th century and is famous for its majestic stained glass and fan-shaped ceiling, nicknamed the "Western Light" because of its many windows. It is also the venue for the Bath International Music Festival and many other major festivals, and was once the coronation site of England"s first king.

The Royal Crescent
Built in 1775, it is one of Britain"s most imposing ancient architectural complexes, and is regarded as the noblest street in Britain. The Crescent, a square with views to the end of the city of Bath, is a graceful curve that seems to have been softened by time and has enchanted visitors for over two hundred years.

Round Square
Many of Bath"s oldest and most spectacular buildings are the work of John Wood, father and son, who, when designing Bath"s 18th century town plan, built The Circus, a symbol of the sun, and the Royal Crescent, a symbol of the moon, with the two separated by Brooke Street. (Brock St.) Connection

River Avon
The River Avon flows through the city of Bath, separating the New Town from the Old Town. The world-famous Pulteney Three Arch Bridge sits over the River Avon in a peaceful setting, with many 18th century King George buildings scattered on either side of the bridge.

Pulteney Bridge
Pulteney Bridge is a three-span stone arch bridge over the River Avon, with a Georgian façade in the famous Georgian architectural style. The bridge is complete with housing structures that form a stone arch corridor, but it is not really a corridor bridge, there is also a two lane wide motorway and pedestrian walkway on the other side of the bridge. Poultney Bridge was built in 1769 and completed in 1773. It is now listed as a Grade I heritage to protect. 

  • Breakfast:self-catered
  • Lunch:self-catered
  • Dinner:self-catered
  • Transportation:Luxury Coach
  • Hotel: Three-star or similar hotels

Minack Seaside Theatre → Cornwall Ends of the Earth → Eden, England

Due to the fact that the Minack Seaside Theatre is not open for booking to tour groups on some dates, we will be going to St. Michael"s Mount or St. Ives instead. * (Ask your tour guide for specific itinerary)

After breakfast, visit Eden of England, Minack"s seaside theatre and Cornwall Ends of the Earth.

Garden of Eden, England
In the west of Cornwall there is a Garden of Eden, far from urban clutter, which has been transformed into a miracle on the ruins of a masterpiece. As the largest greenhouse complex in the world, it brings together plants from almost every part of the globe, revealing a beautiful picture of man and nature living in harmony.
The largest of these, the Rainforest Ecosystem Pavilion, is approximately 180 feet (55 meters) high, 100 meters wide and 200 meters long. The Eden Project brings people into contact with plants in a very special way, built on the idea that "plants are man"s indispensable friends." The Eden Project in Cornwall, with its focus on tropical plant education, is like a water bubble magnified a million times over in form. "The "Big Bubble" is home to tropical plants native to Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania and the Americas and attracts around 1.2 million visitors each year from around the world, making it one of the UK"s top 10 leisure attractions.
Ancillary items and ticket prices reference.
Eden tickets £28.50 per person on site.

Minack Theatre by the Sea
Britain"s most romantic theatre, the Minack Theatre, in Cornwall, South West England, is a circular theatre structure built of stone against a backdrop of blue water, where Shakespeare"s plays are performed. The theatre was built by Rowena Cade, a woman who loved the theatre and spent 44 years (from 1932 to 1976) carrying the stones one by one and building them on top of each other. The sound of the sea, the chirping of the seabirds, and then the darkening of the sky and the lighting of the stage is an absolute pleasure.

Cornwall"s Ends of the Earth
Further south there"s no road. Weclcome to Lands End! here is the most beautiful piece of sea in England, pale blue and somewhat blue, blue sky, warm wind, and soft sandy beaches. "I"d go to any end of the world with you ...." Do you have the courage to wander here?
  • Breakfast:included
  • Lunch:self-catered
  • Dinner:self-catered
  • Transportation:Luxury Coach
  • Hotel: Three-star or similar hotels

Torquay → Bristol → London

whole day
This historic British fashion resort is a fashion haven for students looking for vibrant beaches, a lively harbour and countless water sports. Torquay is a fashionable haven for students looking for vibrant beaches, a lively harbour and seaside activities such as surfing, speedboating, kayaking and beach volleyball. Torquay is also home to the UK"s most important Stone Age site, Kent Cave, a historic cave that was once inhabited by ancient humans more than 4,000 years ago.

Clifton Cable Bridge, Bristol
Because of a bridge to remember a city. When colourful hot air balloons soar over the silent, empty Avon Valley, it"s Clifton Suspension Bridge that draws everyone"s attention. Get to know Bristol from the world-famous suspension bridge and experience this colourful city of dreams.

Bristol Cathedral
Built in 1140, Bristol Cathedral is one of the oldest surviving and best preserved Gothic churches in England. Situated in the city centre in the pleasant gardens of College Green, Bristol Cathedral is one of the oldest surviving Gothic cathedrals in England. The interior of the church has a "ribbed" dome structure that is unique in the UK. Coming here is like being in a small Notre Dame de Paris.

In the afternoon depart back to London, a successful end of the trip.
  • Breakfast:included
  • Lunch:self-catered
  • Dinner:self-catered
  • Transportation:luxury coach
  • Hotel: N/A

Visa Notice

Visa Information

1、Guests holding British visa or British passport of visa-free countries can participate in the England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland tour.

2、With a short-term British tourist visa, you can join the Irish tour without a visa; long-term British visa, such as students and workers need to apply for an Irish visa to join the Irish tour.

3、On the day of the tour, bring valid documents with a photo to participate in the tour, such as: passport, driver's license, student card.


UK Visas and Immigration website:

Visa Centre website:


Three day tour of Eden + Bath Stonehenge

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Three day tour of Eden + Bath Stonehenge

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