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Round trip to Barcelona: Lupete + Besalú (4-8 persons boutique group, can be chartered)(trip code:OTEU-

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Note: If the child is 13 years old or below 1.3 meters, please prepare your own child seat. If you need our company to provide, please contact us to confirm the price of child seat in advance.

Cities/attractions to visit

Lupet, Besalú

Booking Process
Online booking → Online payment → Confirm order (within 1 working day) → Apply for visa → Send confirmation letter (5 days before departure) → Enjoy your trip!

Payment method 
Online payment: Debit card in the UK (no fee), most credit cards worldwide (2% fee).

Pay by phone: Some dual currency credit cards in China can be paid by phone because the billing address cannot be filled in in Chinese.

Bank Transfer: Please fill in the online application form first, then call 01908 259988 to get the account number of Omeka and make the payment over the counter or online (please use instant payment).

All the dates on the website have been confirmed, you must pay the full amount of booking, subject to the number of places, to complete the payment order to confirm whether your registration is successful. Please do not book the transportation or hotel before you receive the confirmation letter to avoid unnecessary trouble and loss. If the exhibition hall is closed during the holidays, the tour guide will arrange alternative attractions for you.

Recommended Hotels

Plaza de Catalunya, in the heart of Barcelona
Location: Plaza de Catalunya 19, 08002 Barcelona

Waiting position: Plaza de Catalunya, in front of the entrance to the Olivia Plaza Hotel.

Gathering time: 8:30 am

Coaches are not rail vehicles such as trains or subways, and are affected by traffic conditions and weather, so the drop-off time is estimated. If you need to book a return train or bus ticket, we recommend you to leave at least 1 hour transfer time to avoid traffic jams or unexpected delays and delay your trip.

Price includes 
1、Transportation: Omega exclusive travel fleet, 5-9 seat air-conditioned commercial vehicles.
2. Guide: Senior tour guide and driver
3, including accompany in the attraction which no need to buy entrance ticket.

Price not includes 
1、Tickets for attractions: please choose to buy tickets for attractions that the tour group passes through.
2. Tips: £3 or €4 per person per day.
3、Travel insurance: we recommend that the tour guests must purchase travel insurance to protect the individual travel process in the event of illness, financial loss and other accidents, claims to the insurance company.
4, lunch, dinner: in the course of the tour, our guide will recommend to you authentic delicious local restaurants, will also introduce you to affordable and efficient fast food restaurants, meal consumption independent choice.
5、Other expenses: visa application fee, postage, hotel charges, internet, TV and other expenses that are not included in the "Fees Include".

Change of date
One-day trips cannot be changed.

One-day tours are non-refundable.

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trip protocol

Drunken town of Lupet - Besalú

A group of 4 people can be in a group, and the chartered tour provides transfer to and from hotels in the city.

Lupet is a small town deep in the remote forested area of the province of Barcelona. Compared to the Barcelona metropolis, Lupet is like being in another world entirely, with a tranquility and simplicity that transcends time and space. The town has remained very much intact, with balconies embedded deep in the stone walls, eaves jutting outwards, and verandas on the top floors of old houses, all flickering in and out of the sunlight. The old houses on both sides of the road and the winding stone steps are full of unique charm. The historic suspension bridge was once the only access to the town.

You can feel the strong traces of history here - the medieval castle, the church, the Jewish quarter are well preserved. The town is best known for the Romanesque stone bridge over the Fluvi River, built in the 12th century, and the new bridge over the town gates reveals the town in its entirety. The tiled villages, with their red-orange walls, have retained their Roman architecture. In the quiet afternoon air, leisurely walk on the ancient stone road, to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, has a different taste.
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  • Lunch:self-catered
  • Dinner:self-catered
  • Transportation:bus
  • Hotel:

Visa Notice

★ Requires a Schengen visa or a visa-free passport.


Round trip to Barcelona: Lupete + Besalú (4-8 persons boutique group, can be chartered)

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Round trip to Barcelona: Lupete + Besalú (4-8 persons boutique group, can be chartered)

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