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Five day tour of Ireland(trip code:OTID5-3

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Visiting cities/attractions

Manchester, Lake District, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Carrick-a-rede, Giants causeway, Liverpool

Booking process

Online booking→Online payment→Confirm order (within 1 working day)→Guide information (3 days before departure)→Enjoy trip

Payment methods

Online payment: Payment in GBP, EUR and RMB is supported.

Pay by phone: Some dual currency credit cards in China cannot be filled in due to the Chinese billing address.

Bank Transfer: Please be sure to fill in the online application form first, then call 01908 259988 to get the Omeka transfer account number for bank counter or online transfer (please try to pay by instant payment).

Registration Instructions

This tour is a round trip shuttle and runs continuously throughout the year. Payment in full is required to register for the tour, subject to the number of places available. The order of payment will be used to confirm your registration. Please do not book any transportation or hotel until you have received a confirmation letter from us, to avoid unnecessary trouble and loss when the tour is full.

Please note that during the course of the tour you may have to change vehicles or guides during the tour due to cross-country changes of routes, access to specific locations (e.g. Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands, etc.) or the expiry of the tour director's working hours.

Transportation and hotel recommendations

Long-distance bus reservations and price times for.

Train ticket bookings and price times for.

Hotel Reservation

Pick-up points (London, Birmingham, Manchester)

London:  8:00am at Park Royal Station exit, Western Ave, Hanger Hill, London W5 3EL

2. Birmingham: 10:00am WHSmith shop, Birmingham International Railway Station (BHI), entrance to the WHSmith shop next to the Birmingham Airport train station exit (note the airport train station exit, not the airport terminal exit)

3. Manchester: Meet at the main entrance of Old Trafford, Manchester, at approximately 12:15. Address Sir Matt Busby Way, Stretford, Manchester M16 0RA

Drop off point (London, Birmingham, Manchester)
1. London: approx. 20:00 at Park Royal Station,Western Ave, Hanger Hill, London W5 3EL

2. Birmingham: 18:00 Birmingham Airport Railway Station

3. Manchester: approx. 14:00 Finish in Manchester city centre, Chinatown.

If you need to book the return train or bus ticket, we recommend you to leave at least 1 hour transfer time to avoid traffic jams or unexpected delay and delay your trip.

Warm Tips.

The final pick-up route is arranged according to the data of pick-up and drop-off points of customers. Please do not change the pick-up and drop-off points on your own to avoid unnecessary loss and trouble.
Price includes

1、Transportation: Omega's exclusive travel fleet, provides nearly 100 various luxury tour buses(17-63 seets ). Will adjust to 5-17 commercial vehicle if group member is few.

2、Hotel:  3-star hotel. Standard double room, triple room and family room.

3、Breakfast: exquisite hotel buffet breakfast

4、Tour guides: exclusive elite guide team, 5-star top senior tour guide, professional and wonderful interaction.

5、Driver: full-time professional bus driver, safe and secure driving.

Price does NOT include

1、Tickets for attractions: The above itinerary is free of any disguised shopping or compulsory sightseeing, please choose to buy tickets for your favorite attractions.

2、Tip: standard-- £2 or €3  per person per day

3、Single room supplement: £120 per person (If you require a single room, you need to pay the single room supplement, which should be purchased for the whole trip).

4、Travel insurance: we strongly recommend the guests to buy travel insurance to protect the individual travel process in the event of illness, financial loss and other unexpected circumstances, in case they can claim to the insurance company.

5、Lunch and dinner

6、Other consumption: visa, airline tickets, hairdressing, TV and other expenses are not included in the "price includes".

Ticketing Services

Omega can purchase tickets for the following attractions, if you want to buy tickets, please fill in the registration form (all tickets purchased through Omega are adult tickets).

Lake District boat tickets £7 per person, £7.7 on site
Tickets to the Titanic Memorial Hall: £19 per person.

tourism agreement

Date of change

30 days or more prior to tour departure: Free to change the tour date once (one chance per order, reschedule according to normal terms and conditions).

If you change the tour date more than 8 days before departure, a handling fee of £25 per person will be charged; cannot be changed within 7 days (including 7 days).

(Note: 1. If you are sure you want to change the date of the tour, please inform us by email at least 8 days before the departure of the tour you have quoted; 2.

Withdrawal: A withdrawal fee of £25 per person will be charged 8 days or more before departure; £50 per person will be charged 7-4 days (including 7 days) before departure; no refunds will be made if the tour is cancelled 3 days or less.

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trip protocol

London→Old Trafford→Lake District→Windermere Town→Peter Rabbit Fairytale House

All day
Meet at London Park Royal Station exit at 7:45am for an 8:00am departure.

Old Trafford Stadium
Understanding Britain begins with understanding football, and Manchester United is the most famous club in the country. The team nicknamed "The Red Devils" has been a classic representative of British football clubs for decades, with numerous accolades and football legends. As the home of Manchester United, Old Trafford has become a mecca for many football fans.

Lake District
The Lake District is known as the most beautiful corner of England, the home of the English people"s soul, and the natural beauty of the Lake District has captivated countless romantic poets. Lake Windermere is the largest of these natural lakes, measuring 16.9km long and 1.6km wide at its widest point, with a depth of 67m and rising 40m above sea level. There are 18 islands on the lake, the largest of which is privately owned. Lake Windermere is an ideal habitat, through which flocks of geese can often be seen migrating in winter. Visitors can take a boat trip and enjoy the wonderful scenery as they travel east to west. You can also take a stroll along the trails that surround the lake to enjoy a comfortable lakeside experience.

Ancillary items and ticket prices reference.

Tickets for Lake Cruise】 £7 per ticket (only available for purchase with a group, £8.1 on site) (Prices will be adjusted due to seasonal changes without notice).

Windermere is a famous town in the Lake District, the town is located next to Lake Windermere and is surrounded by beautiful scenery with the lake and mountains mirroring each other, making it a must visit for visitors to the Lake District. The streets are lined with unique shops, such as family hotels, cafes and grocery stores. Relax, slow down and experience a leisurely life on the lake.

Peter Rabbit Museum
It"s been over 100 years since Peter Rabbit was born. It was the famous Miss Potter, Beatrix Potter, who really brought it to life. Miss Potter"s beloved English Lake District has become a pilgrimage destination for Peter Rabbit fans around the world. Nowadays, Peter Rabbit can be seen everywhere in the Lake District. In souvenir shops, bookshops and even on the bus. 23 stories about Peter Rabbit have been brought to life in three dimensions. Here, you can see the stories, hear the conversations and even smell them.

If time permits, visitors have the option of purchasing a ticket to enter the tour.

Ancillary items and ticket price reference.

Peter Rabbit Museum: £8/adult, £4/child (admission prices are subject to change without notice due to seasonal changes).
  • Breakfast:Self-catered
  • Lunch:Self-catered
  • Dinner:Self-catered
  • Transportation:Luxury Vehicle
  • Hotel: Three star or similar comfort hotel

Carlisle → Belfast

All day
Enjoy the beautiful Scottish coastline and the almost pristine local countryside on your coach. Afterwards, take a state-of-the-art ,Superfast Luxury Cruise, from Cairn Laine, Scotland"s south-west port, to Belfast. In the cruise ship you can enjoy a variety of meals and gourmet food, sea breeze on the observation deck, the cinema cafe and other ultra-modern leisure places, free wifi and paid Nordic SPA at leisure is a good choice! In the afternoon, the ship arrives in Belfast, Northern Ireland"s largest seaport city, with bars, cinemas, games halls, casinos and other recreational areas.

Titanic Memorial
In the harbour of Belfast we will visit the famous Titanic Memorial. The largest and most authentic Titanic-themed pavilion in the world, this museum, created by H&W Shipyards, provides a comprehensive and detailed account of the Titanic"s construction, launch, preparation and departure. Restoring the original appearance of the ship"s cabins, the interactive experience allows you to experience the gigantic ship in its full glory. Experience the end of a century of prosperity, with only Jack & Rose"s heart-warming love story to keep you alive!
Ancillary items and ticket prices reference.
Titanic Memorial Hall £19 per person (prices are subject to change without notice due to seasonal changes).

Albert Memorial Clock Tower
The Albert Memorial Clock Tower, a mixture of French and Italian Gothic, was built in 1867 to commemorate the untimely death of Queen Victoria"s husband. Due to problems with the foundations of the clock tower, it was leaning when it was built.

Belfast City Hall
One of Belfast"s must-see attractions is Belfast City Hall, which was built in 1906 in the heart of Donegall Square. The building is in typical neo-renaissance style and is a testament to the success of Belfast"s industrial revolution.

  • Breakfast:Included
  • Lunch:Self-catered
  • Dinner:Self-catered
  • Transportation:Luxury Vehicle
  • Hotel: Three star or similar comfort hotel

Dublin Heartbeat Tour, Ireland

Visitors not participating in the Ireland programme are free to travel within the city of Belfast.

Dublin is the capital of the Republic of Ireland and is also an economic, cultural and financial centre and a world-renowned tourist destination. It is located near the centre of the east coast of the island of Ireland, at the the River Liffey in County Dublin and in the heart of the Dublin area. Dublin is a city of culture. There are numerous universities, academies of science and galleries, and centuries-old buildings can be found everywhere.

Trinity College Dublin
Trinity College Dublin was founded in 1592 by the order of Queen Elizabeth I of England and by the 18th century had largely taken on its present size. The College occupies 42 acres of land and is characterised by a unique array of period buildings. The college library has a long-established reputation and contains a large number of valuable works, including the "The Book of Kells", completed by monks in the ninth century, which is extremely valuable. This book, which dates from the golden age of the early medieval Church and is written in Latin, is one of the finest hand-written masterpieces of Irish ancient history, recounting the religious, cultural, artistic and other developments of the time, including portrait illustrations of Jesus, the Virgin and Child, St John and St Matthew.

Ha"penny Bridge
The Ha"penny Bridge, also formally known as Wellington Bridge, is considered a symbol of Dublin, spanning the River Liffey, and was opened to the public in 1816. It was the only pedestrian bridge capable of spanning the River Liffey at that time, a situation that did not change until the Millennium Bridge was built in 2000. In 1816, the Irish, in an attempt to unite the north and south boroughs of Dublin, built a graceful light bridge over the river for pedestrians only. When the bridge was built, a notice stated that pedestrians had to pay a halfpenny toll to cross the bridge, hence the name "halfpenny bridge".

Dublin Spire
Also known as the "Monument of Light", it is a massive 121.2m high stainless steel needle-shaped monument built on the site of the bombed-out Nelson"s Column in O"Connell Street. The Minaret was designed by Ian Ritchie Architects, whose concept was to find an elegant and dynamic bridge between art and technology. The design of the Dublin Minaret has won a number of international awards.

Grafton Street Shopping Street Grafton Street
The area around Grafton Street, also known as Widow Street, is one of the more upmarket shopping areas in the area and is lined with a variety of boutique shops and fashion boutiques, most of which are concentrated in Dublin, as well as a wide selection of cafes if you want to try a classic Irish coffee. This street also has the highest concentration of street performers in Ireland, somewhat similar to the Rambla Street in Barcelona.

St Martin"s St Nicholas Cathedral
It is said that St. Pallister, the saint who spread Catholicism to Ireland, baptised two apprentices and converted them to Catholicism in an ancient well here. The church was first built in 450 AD and continued to be built until the 14th century AD. Swift, who wrote Gulliver"s Travels, was the bishop here. With so many famous people sleeping here, the church is Ireland"s equivalent of Westminster in England.

  • Breakfast:Included
  • Lunch:Self-catered
  • Dinner:Self-catered
  • Transportation:Luxury Vehicle
  • Hotel: Three star or similar comfort hotel

Belfast→Carrick-a-rede→Giants causeway→The Dark Hedges

Carrick-a-rede is a classic must-see on Northern Ireland"s dramatic coastline, with its nearly 30 metre-high cliffs and crumbling rope bridge linking the island of Ireland with the Rocky Islands on the other side, the ten-metre-long bridge is a breathtaking sight to behold as you walk along the thin ice, overlooking the dramatic waves below you.

(Note: Due to the controlled flow of traffic on the bridge during the summer months, from June to September you are usually required to purchase your own tickets to the bridge when groups arrive.

Ancillary items and ticket prices refer to.
Carrizo Bridge tickets £9 per person (prices subject to change without notice due to seasonal changes)

Giants causeway
On a headland on the edge of the Antrim Plain in Northern Ireland, the 8km long causeway under the cliffs is known as the "Giants causeway" because of the dense mass of tens of thousands of stone pillars of all shapes and sizes.
For Ancillary and ticket prices.
Giant"s Walk £9 per person (tickets are subject to seasonal price changes without notice)

The Dark Hedges
The dark hedge is one of the 10 most beautiful tree tunnels in the world. 150 beech trees planted in the 18th century are now three hundred years old, and with their branches layered and intertwined, the path should have appeared in a fairy tale, and the whole path is romantic in the morning and evening. It is one of the most photographed places in the world and has been the subject of many a desktop background. It has been described by world-renowned photographer Jim Zuckerman as ,the most beautiful road I have ever seen in Northern Ireland,.

In the afternoon, return to England on an ultra-fast luxury cruise ship.
  • Breakfast:Included
  • Lunch:Self-catered
  • Dinner:Self-catered
  • Transportation:Luxury Vehicle
  • Hotel: Three star or similar comfort hotel

departure from hotel→Liverpool→Manchester→London

Liverpool is the UK"s fifth largest city, commercial centre and second largest commercial port, and was once a renowned manufacturing centre in the UK. Liverpool is also an important passenger port, with regular ferry links to the world"s major ports. The main attractions are the attractive Croxteth National Park and Speke Hall, and the city"s architecture is unique with its famous cathedral, town hall, St George"s Hall, the Grand Theatre and the Philharmonic Hall.

Port Albert
It was an important port for Liverpool in its day, with a concentration of some of Liverpool"s best bars, restaurants and museums, with special mention for the Beatles shop. Albert"s inner harbour is of a pleasant scale and is surrounded by uniform colonnades with columns painted orange, adding a cheerful tone to the architecture of the last century docks, and the old sailing ships docked in the inner harbour have a time-travelling feel to them.

Beatles Museum (exterior)
The Beatles Museum is a must-visit for Beatles fans, with detailed information on the Beatles" members, the band"s history, photos of their performances and influences, as well as a collection of original Beatles memorabilia that never mentions their less glamorous moments. The Beatles" legend comes to life here, thrilling Beatles fans.

Manchester is Britain"s third largest city and an example of post-war urban renewal in Britain, with excellent museums, fine food and superb shopping centres where one can trace in detail the course of Britain"s history since the days of the Industrial Revolution.

Manchester"s Chinatown
Manchester"s Chinatown is the largest Chinatown in the UK and the area surrounded by Charlotte Street, Portland Street, Oxford Street and Moseley Street has the highest concentration of Chinese communities in the North of England. At weekends, the area is bustling with supermarkets, herbalists and restaurants, and the Chinese New Year lion dance is an annual extravaganza in Manchester.

Manchester Town Hall
Located in the centre of Manchester, on the famous Albert Square, Manchester City Hall is a neo-Gothic building, built in 1877 and decorated inside and out with magnificent sculptures and monuments of great men and women all around, as well as an 85m high tower at the top of the building.

Return to London at around 9pm.
  • Breakfast:Included
  • Lunch:Self-catered
  • Dinner:Self-catered
  • Transportation:Luxury Vehicle
  • Hotel: Self-catered

Visa Notice

Visa Information

Day three of the tour requires a day trip out of the UK to Ireland

1、Guests holding British visa or British passport of visa-free countries can participate in the England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland tour.

2、With a short-term British tourist visa, you can join the Irish tour without a visa; long-term British visa, such as students and workers need to apply for an Irish visa to join the Irish tour.

3、On the day of the tour, bring valid documents with a photo to participate in the tour, such as: passport, driver's license, student card.


UK Visas and Immigration website:

Visa Centre website:


Five day tour of Ireland

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Five day tour of Ireland

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